Dr. Karim Chamie

University of California Los Angeles

Department of Urology

Urothelial Cancer

Grant Amount: $142,350

Dr. Karim Chamie, with UCLA Urology, is working to combat the rapid increase in recent years of urothelial cancer by investigating a potentially new treatment method involving a hydrogel polymer (chemical compound), which is liquid at room temperature, mixed with chemotherapy to treat this difficult-to-detect and highly reoccurring form of cancer. The polymer-chemotherapy combination takes on the shape of the cavity of interest (such as a kidney) at body temperature and has the potential to deliver chemotherapy to the targeted site while minimizing side-effects. The polymer can also be mixed with a dye that binds to tumor cells to facilitate detection of tumor cells within a specific organ. Traditionally, what has been most challenging in treating this type of cancer is the ability to deliver the chemotherapeutic agent at a high concentration level to the exact tumor site. This new discovery has the potential to overcome the previous challenge by using the polymer-chemotherapy directly to the targeted site. Dr. Chamie and his team are optimistic in pursing this study and are grateful to the PHASE ONE Foundation for supporting these efforts./span>