Cecily Jackson-Zapata


CECILY JACKSON-ZAPATA is an attorney and nonprofit leader specializing in nonprofit law, management, and governance. She played a key role in developing Public Counsel’s Community Development Project and served as Senior Staff Attorney there for over five years. Since then, Cecily has directed a capacity building program for nonprofit leaders and small business counselors, co- founded Sustainable Law Practice, P.C., a Certified B Corp law practice serving nonprofit and for profit social enterprises, and founded Social Innovatus, a nonprofit program that provides legal, governance, and strategic planning assistance to nonprofit organizations. Cecily joined the PHASE ONE board in 2011, and serves as PHASE ONE’s Secretary. Her personal fight against cancer and the tragic loss of her father in 2002 has profoundly impacted her advocacy for allocating resources to treating cancer and eradicating this scourge. In addition to PHASE ONE, Cecily is Secretary of Social Enterprise Alliance and director of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), Inc. Cecily received her J.D. from Stanford Law School in 1997 and B.A., cum laude, from University of Southern California.