Jana Portnow, MD
Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Medical Oncology & Therapeutics
Associate Director, Brain Tumor Program
Medical Oncologist
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
Duarte, California

“I want to help people battling brain cancer as much as I can.”

A key member of the City of Hope team since 2002, JANA PORTNOW, M.D., feels a special affinity for patients with brain cancer, even though she often seems to be giving them bad news. “They are grateful for what I do for them and surprisingly not resentful that their prognosis is not good,” she says.

Dr. Portnow is heavily involved in research to improve treatment of the most aggressive and difficult brain cancers. She is investigating the use of microdialysis to monitor a drug’s effectiveness as well as the application of neural stem cells to deliver chemotherapy directly into inoperable tumors. Also, Dr. Portnow is examining immunotherapy options including a clinical trial using specially modified T-cells.

Dr. Portnow received her medical degree from the University of Rochester, and completed residencies and fellowships at Temple University and Johns Hopkins University.

A native New Yorker, Dr. Portnow calls City of Hope “a wonderful place to work. The atmosphere is collegial and supportive, which is not always the case in research institutions.”