PHASE ONE is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting ground-breaking Phase I and Phase II clinical cancer research, innovative education and treatment programs, and funding forward-thinking leaders in the scientific and medical community.


This year14 million people will hear the words "You have Cancer" this year.

We invest in the very best ideas and innovative research at the earliest stages, related to all types of cancer.


Founder, Alberto Valner, speaks about his personal experience with cancer.

Board Member, Crystal Free, shares her experience with a cancer clinical trial.

Founding member, Mark Freeman, is passionate about giving back.


Our strategy leverages successful early phase clinical trials to attract bigger institutional money for future phases on the road to FDA approval. Thus, we know our $20M investment has multiplied exponentially. 

Richard Tulli, MD, PhD
Pancreatic Cancer/Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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Antoni Ribas, MD, PhD
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Jana Portnow, MD
Brain Cancer/City of Hope
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Sanaz Memarzadeh, MD, PhD
Ovarian Cancer/UCLA
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Karen L. Reckamp, MD, MS
Lung Cancer/City of Hope
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