Meet our new Board Chair!

We are so excited to announce that Brad Meadow is the new Board Chair of PHASE ONE! Below is a brief interview to get to know Brad and see what’s ahead for our organization. (Photo above: Brad and Jodi Meadow at the 2019 One for All Gala, Cindy Gold Photography)

Q: How long have you been involved with PHASE ONE?

A: I have been on the Board since moving back to Los Angeles in 2012. But I have been supporting and following PHASE ONE since it was founded 20 years ago by my sister and brother-in-law.

Q: What other roles have you served as for PHASE ONE?

A: I have been on the Development Committee, the Speaker Series Committee, and I was one of the individuals who organized the first PHASE ONE Young Person event a few years ago.

Q: What made you get more involved in PHASE ONE?

A: I am continually inspired by the achievements that our Founders and Board members, both past and present, have accomplished over the years. I want to do my part in keeping that momentum going and expanding the breadth and reach of our organization.

Q: What are your goals as the new Chair of the Board?

A: Mainly to just continue the amazing legacy that our Founder and previous Board chairs have built and use that as the foundation for additional growth and opportunities for the organization.

Q: What is one ongoing project you are most excited about?

A: I am most excited about expanding the awareness and reach of PHASE ONE to a larger pool of donors, including corporate and other institutional support that we have not previously tapped into that much.

Q: What’s your favorite PHASE ONE Gala memory?

A: My favorite memory was when my brother-in-law Rick (who was my sister’s new boyfriend at the time) won a Mini Cooper at PHASE ONE’s 2007 Gala at the Beverly Wilshire. It was a pretty funny “welcome to the family” moment!

Q: What is your favorite music to listen to while you work?

A: I am a big Van Morrison fan and love all classic rock in general.