PHASE ONE Helps Sharsheret Expand Work With Los Angeles Medical Centers

We are pleased to announce that Phase One has awarded a Community Grant to Sharsheret. This significant grant will allow Sharsheret to expand their work in reaching patients directly in Los Angeles-area medical centers while they’re receiving treatment, educating doctors about the unique concerns of their Jewish patients and providing them with Sharsheret’s free kits during their cancer journey.

“Sharsheret understands the importance of having a medical team that not only provides the highest level of care, but is also intimately knowledgeable about the unique issues and concerns of each of their patients,” said Sharsheret California Regional Director Jenna Fields. “Thanks to the Phase One Foundation’s grant, Sharsheret will be able to more deeply engage with patients in LA area medical centers and practices, providing critical psychosocial support for women and their families.”

The concerns of Jewish women facing breast and ovarian cancer include increased genetic risk and issues related to genetic testing; use of the ritual bath as it relates to spirituality, healing, and renewal; life with cancer in a close-knit community; and the effects of treatment decisions on fertility and child-rearing.

Healthcare professionals will provide patients with Sharsheret’s tailored kits, ensuring patients receive the resources they need when they need it the most.

Kits include:
Busy Box® for mothers facing cancer;
Best Face Forward® for those impacted by the cosmetic side effects of treatment;
Newly Diagnosed kit
Thriving Again® survivorship kit; and
Financial Wellness Toolkit.

About Sharsheret
Sharsheret, Hebrew for chain, a national cancer organization with three offices (California, Florida, and New Jersey), serves 80,000 women, families, health care professionals, community leaders, and students, in all 50 states. Sharsheret creates a safe community for women facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer and their families at every stage of life and at every stage of cancer – from before diagnosis, during treatment and into the survivorship years. While expertise is focused on young women and Jewish families, more than 15% of those served are not Jewish. All Sharsheret programs serve all women and men.